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  • The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports an accessible system of voter registration and election participation, with uniform and standardized procedures throughout the state.
  • The League of Women Voters of Arizona believes in the election system principle that “every vote should count”. Providing for the broadest voter representation possible in elections should have a positive effect on voter participation.
  • The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports measures to ensure the regular redistricting of Arizona legislative and congressional districts on an “equal population” basis.
  • The League of Women Voters of Arizona believes that the political process must be open, equitable and honest. The process must provide opportunity for maximum citizen participation as candidates, uninhibited by the costs of running a campaign. There should be limits on the size and type of campaign contributions. There should be full disclosure of contributions and expenditures to combat undue influence in the electoral and governmental processes.
  • The League of Women Voters of Arizona believes in the constitutional right of the people to enact direct legislation (enacting, amending, or repealing legislative acts and amending the Arizona Constitution).

 Election Systems

The LWVAZ supports the following registration procedures, voting options, and voting systems in addition to those required under the National Voting Rights Act (VRA), Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). All registration procedures, voting options and systems should be accessible to all, easy to administer, and have appropriate security measures to prevent fraud or technology disruptions.

Voter Registration Procedures:

  • Automatic registration
  • Universal registration
  • Permanent portable registration
  • Mail-in registration
  • Online registration

Voting Options:

  • Early voting in person and by mail
  • Traditional polling places
  • Voting Centers

Voting Systems:

  • The LWVAZ supports a voting system that would more accurately represent the electorate, specifically the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system for single seat races, and the adoption of proportional representation for multi-seat races.
  • The LWVAZ supports the monitoring of vote counting in state and local elections.
  • The LWVAZ supports increased voter education as an essential part of all elections.

 Legislative and Congressional Redistricting 

The LWVAZ supports:

  • The retention of an independent commission to redistrict legislative and congressional districts at regular intervals, subject to judicial review. The Legislature itself should not be the reapportioning agency.
  • Legislative districts that provide equitable representation, accountability and responsibility, competitive elections, and close contact with constituents. (Footnote: To allow for greater flexibility, this position was amended on March 5, 2005, by removing the words “single member.” As background information, three points were made: 1) impacts may differ in rural and urban districts, 2) the change is neither an automatic endorsement for multi-member districts nor an automatic opposition to single member districts, 3) even members who strongly favor multi-member districts often do so only when such districts are accompanied by other electoral changes.)

 Campaign Finance

The LWVAZ supports:

  • An income tax check-off to provide partial funding of legislative elections through the subsidy of some television time for issue discussion by ballot qualified candidates.
  • A requirement for complete financial disclosure by candidates for public office.
  • A cap on gifts to public officials, and reporting of all gifts.
  • Prohibiting elected officials lobbying for remuneration of any kind for at least one year after leaving office.
  • Prohibiting election officials from using surplus campaign funds for personal use, or from taking them along when leaving office.
  • All government agencies being required to report all their lobbying activities, expenditures and gifts to public officials.

Initiative & Referendum

The LWVAZ supports:

  • The requirement that only qualified electors (registered voters) may sign any initiative, referendum or recall petition.
  • The reduction of the required number of signatures on a statutory initiative petition to qualify placing it on the ballot from ten percent to not more than eight percent of the votes cast for governor at the last gubernatorial election.
  • The amendment of the constitution to limit the power of the Legislature to repeal or amend the initiative or referendum measures by means such as requiring more than just majority approval, or setting a minimum time limit before the Legislature can act on such measures, or some other limitation short of complete elimination of power.
  • The disclosure of financial contributions to committees supporting and opposing an initiative and referendum.

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