The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports the principle that the governmental entity closest to the school district constituency can best make decisions that will enhance the equal educational opportunity of all students. Therefore, the League suggests these policies:

  • The state distributes public school funds equitably to school districts and set minimal general educational guidelines without inhibiting local decision making.
  • Local school districts determine how funds are allocated in school district budgets.
  • Citizen participation is essential, including funding and representative decision making. The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports policies and practices that encourage responsive government and informed citizen participation in the school district budgeting process. Therefore, the League supports the following:
  • The school district budget format should call for specific information, such as program detail, salary schedules, and capital improvement programs.
  • The school district budgeting schedule should include citizen input in time to allow for citizen influence on the allocation of funds in the budget.
  • Advisory committees, open to all citizens in the school district community, should provide citizen input into the budgetary process.

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