Consensus: 1976; Reviewed 1995, 2003; Revised 2004

The League of Women Voters of Arizona believes in the constitutional right of the people to enact direct legislation (enacting, amending, or repealing legislative acts and amending the Arizona Constitution); therefore, the League supports:

  • The requirement that only qualified electors (registered voters) may sign any initiative, referendum or recall petition.
  • The reduction of the required number of signatures on a statutory initiative petition to qualify placing it on the ballot from ten per-cent to not more than eight per-cent of the votes cast for governor at the last gubernatorial election.
  • The amendment of the constitution to limit the power of the Legislature to repeal or amend the initiative or referendum measures by means such as requiring more than just majority approval, or setting a minimum time limit before the Legislature can act on such measures, or some other limitation short of complete elimination of power.
  • Removal of the governor’s power to veto initiative or referendum measures.
  • Funding sources (for initiatives) should be identified, if practicable.
  • The disclosure of financial contributions to committees supporting and opposing an initiative and referendum.

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