Consensus 1975, 1979; Reviewed 1995; Revised 1997; Concurrence 1999; Restated 2000

The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports a funding plan for public education that enhances the equal opportunity of all students. Such a plan should:

  • Provide for the equitable distribution of state funds, including capital funding.
  • Establish criteria for a quality education for all students prior to determining the formula for the distribution of monies.
  • Recognize the differences in the needs of school districts.
  • Provide funds for the special needs of school districts.
  • Include measures to equalize the ability of school districts to finance those portions of their budgets for which they are responsible on the local level.
  • Require governmental entities that establish mandated programs to continue funding for duration of the project.
  • Budget for transportation, social services and special education needs separately from base maintenance and operation support.
  • Ensure that all schools using public funds, such as Charters are held as fiscally accountable as are schools in regular established public school districts.

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