At some point in your voting life, you will have something go wrong with your early ballot. Among the most common items that will can be a problem are:

  1. The ballot becomes spoiled by coffee, tea, or some beverage.
  2. You use the wrong color ink on the ballot (red for instance)
  3. You accidentally vote for a proposition that you did not mean to vote for.
  4. You accidentally voted for the wrong candidate(s)
  5. You mixed up your ballot with your spouse’s ballot…and you are unsure about the number on the ballot corresponding to your signature
  6. Anything else


ANSWER: Go Vote in Person! Bring your Early Ballot, and vote in person. Don’t forget your state-issued identification and a recent statement mailed to you from your bank, utility, or credit card company.Do not fudge anything, because your vote may not count be counted. The ballot counters can easily dismiss a ballot rather than accommodating even a small irregularity!.

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