Bills Under Consideration for the Action Alert

Title SCR 1001 Clean Elections Repeal; General Fund

LWVAZ Position

Description This would repeal the <b>Citizens Clean Elections Act entirely</b>, except for the 10% surcharge on all civil and criminal fines and penalties (which is deposited in the Clean Elections Fund), and to require the State Treasurer to annually transfer the monies in the Clean Elections Fund to the GENERAL FUND. It would be called the Clean Elections Fund and no longer would be the Clean Elections Act.


The last Alert we did was that the money was to be transferred to the Education Fund. An amendment changed it from taking the money from Education and putting it into the General Fund which is used for everything. There is possibility that the amendment to send the money to the General Fund will not be accepted and put it back for money to go to education. <b>Either way, we need to oppose this bill strongly.


So this is why we are sending another Alert. The bill will be heard by the full House so we need to send note to all Representatives. Then send the governor an email also and tell him to veto the bill if it gets to his desk.

Do the message in your own words by taking some of the issues listed.</b> Or just send a note saying you are a constituent and you strongly oppose this bill. Please do this now and thank you for doing it.

Email Message

This measure is purposefully designed to undermine the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act and confuse voters. The Clean Elections Act should remain as it is. The monies should not be sent to the General Fund.


Clean Elections funds should not be sent to the General Fund to be used for something besides voter education. If the Legislature wants to repeal Clean Elections, then it should ask the voters directly to do that.


This bill would retain the name of Clean Elections Fund but no money would go into the program. There would be no voter education guide or debates that allow voters to hear from candidates.


Clean Elections allows candidates to run independent of private money and special interests, shielding themselves from the Pay 2 Play system that corrupts our democracy.


Clean Elections provides valuable voter outreach and increases voter turnout.

Clean Elections holds cheaters accountable through independent, non-partisan oversight.


The voters approved this Act in 1998 and it should stay in place to insure non-partisan enforcement of campaign finance laws by providing information on those seeking to influence elections.

I urge a NO vote on SCR 1001.


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