Consensus: 1967; Revised: 1979, 1995, 2005, 2011

The League of Women Voters of Arizona supports measures to ensure the regular redistricting of Arizona legislative and congressional districts on an “equal population” basis. The LWVAZ supports:

  • The retention of an independent commission to redistrict legislative and congressional districts at regular intervals, subject to judicial review. The Legislature itself should not be the reapportioning agency.
  • Legislative districts that provide more equitable representation, more accountability and responsibility, more competitive elections, and closer contact with constituents.

(Footnote: To allow for greater flexibility, this position was amended on March 5, 2005, by removing the words “single member.” As background information, three points were made: 1) impacts may differ in rural and urban districts, 2) the change is neither an automatic endorsement for multi-member districts nor an automatic opposition to single member districts, 3) even members who strongly favor multi-member districts often do so only when such districts are accompanied by other electoral changes.)


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