• Here is a short video on the Request To Speak process.  Thank you to ExpectMore AZ for this video.  If you need assistance in signing up at the AZ State Capitol kiosk – contact info@lwvaz.org and we will be happy to assist you.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rImYvRySixM
  • Remember when you lobby your legislators, you are not doing this on behalf of the League, but only as a citizen. Only the LWVAZ designated lobbyists speak for the organization.

  • When the Arizona Legislature’s session opens, LWVAZ will be following many bills and we update our reporting of these bills as they make their way through their respective committees. If you are interested in being a LWVAZ legislative advocate – join our RTS/Action Alert list at info@lwvaz.org.

  • You can comment on these bills from home using the Request To Speak (RTS)system. When you use the RTS, then your comments will be read into the public record of this bill.

Important Information