The ultimate decision by the LWVAZ board was to support this initiative.

SUPPORT FOR “QUALITY EDUCATION AND JOBS INITIATIVE”Backup of Public Policy Positions While the National League in Impact on Issuesdoesn’t have a positionspecificallyto support many of the issues addressed in this Initiative, it does support the concepts in general.In MEETINGBASICHUMANNEEDSit has supported “the basic needs of all people for food, shelter and access to health care and transportation. Under TRANSPORTATION, the League’s concern about public transportation “grew out of efforts on behalf of equal opportunity for employment and housing.” There is in a section on QUALITY EDUCATIONan indicationthat the definition of “quality” must be determined at the state level but should include “equality”. The section on EDUCATION FINANCING indicatesthat a number of states have received a grant to “step up efforts to educate citizens about inequity and inadequacies of state funding systems.”

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