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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Dinner Only at the LWVAZ Convention Saturday May 17

Come for dinner only at the LWVAZ Convention. You can come see Jana Bommersbach give us a great talk

Download the flyer here: Come For the Special Saturday Night Dinner

LWVAZ Annual Convention

LWVAZ will have its annual convention on May 16-17


The convention is where League business is done - adopting a Budget, adopting program positions, new studies and electing officers and directors. It is not all work for the delegates as there will be speakers, committee reports and workshops; and of course getting to know each other.

Convention speakers are: Vice Chief Justice Pelander, LWVUS Board Member Chris Carson and acclaimed Arizona journalist, Jana Bommersbach. Workshops: Membership Outreach, Voter Outreach, Restoring the American Dream (Campaign Finance Reform), and League program/Programs

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Come For the Special Saturday Night Dinner

Yavapai College, Verde Valley Campus 601 Black Hills Drive, Clarkdale, AZ 86324


The LWVAZ convention is hosted by the LWV Greater Verde Valley and LWV Central Yavapai County so all roads lead to Clarkdale, AZ. Clarkdale is located in the Verde Valley + 20 miles from Sedona and 5 miles from Jerome. Clarkdale is Arizona's first master planned community.



President Shirley Sandelands (GT) 2015-2017

1st Vice President Bonnie Saunders (NWMC) 2015-2017

Secretary Joan Kaltsas (GT) 2015-2017

Co-Treasurer Phylis Carnahan (GT) 2015-2016

(To complete the term of Shirley Sandelands)

Directors + Elected

Legislation Barbara Robertson (MP) 2015-2017

Nominating Chair (off board)Robyn Prud'homme-Bauer (GVV) 2015-2017

Submitted by Nominating Committee Chair: Shirley Sandelands (GT)

Continuing Board Members

2nd Vice President Mary Gresham (GT) 2014-2016

Co-Treasurer Patricia Frannea (GT) 2014-2016

Retiring Board Members

President Robyn Prud'home-Bauer(GVV) 2014-1015

1st VP Sue Ward (GT) 2014-2015

Secretary Gini McGirr (GT) 2013-2015


Marketing Dana Johnston (NWMC) 2013-2015

Impartial CourtsSandra Goodwin (CYC) 2013-2015

Nominating ChairShirley Sandelands (GT) 2013-2015

Directors + Appointed with term ending 2015

Communications Rita Young (NWMC) 2014-2015

Voter Service Bonnie Saunders (NWMC) 2014-2015

Education Marion Pickens (GT) 2014-2015

Local League Representatives:

Central Yavapai County Terri Farneti 2014-2015

Greater Tucson Judy Moll 2014-2015

Greater Verde Valley Ellie Bauer 2014-2015

Metro Phoenix Barbara Robertson 2014-2015

NW Maricopa County Jean Darnell 2014-2015

LWVAZ and LWVNWMC Hold Voter Rights Forum

Republicans and Democrats do Agree on Something: Increasing Voter Turnout

Watch the 1-hour video run by the LWVNWMC League. (In case the video does not automatically skip to minute 9 of the recording, then please fast forward the clip to then...which is when the video starts)

LWVAZ Advocacy





LWVAZ Education Fund

LWVAZ Education Fund a 501 c(3) organization

LWVAZEF is a nonpartisan not-for-profit that supports projects throughout Arizona. Our projects include Voter Guides, K-12 scholarships, Voter Education, Community Building, and a Speakers Bureau

LWVAZ Action Alerts

Respond to the Latest Action Alert

The LWVAZ requests that you use your own words and advocate on your behalf...we have given you a synopsis and specifics

Use Request To Speak (RTS) to Have Your Voice Heard

Previously, you had to go to the state Capitol to register...this is no longer the case. Please go to:

Remember when you lobby your legislators, you are not doing this on behalf of the League, but only as a citizen. Only the state lobbyists speak for the League.

The Arizona Legislature session opened Jan. 12th. The LWVAZ will be following many bills this season and updating our reporting of these bills as they make their way through their respective committees.

You can comment on these bills from home using the Request To Speak (RTS)system. When you use the RTS, then your comments will be read into the public record of this bill.


This document seeks to identify, describe, and explore various educational terms, programs, delivery systems, policies, and stakeholders so that, as a concerned public, we have some common baseline understanding from which to discuss the education of all of Arizona's youth. The intention is to facilitate needed discussion of and understanding of the critical nature of funding and the complexity of early education and K-12 schooling issues in today's society. by: Joye and John Kohl, LWV/NWMC

Read the Entire Document

The Morrison Institute: State of the State of Public Policy Choices for Arizona

Rivko Knox attended the "State of the State, Public Policy Choices for Arizona". She wrote an excellent summary of the very important presentations at this year's event held by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University. There is a large cast of well-respected authorities; this is a must-read for anyone interested in Arizona Public Policy matters.

"Grady Gammage summed it up as: AZ is a challenge. Our government does not function; we, along with the rest of the US and the world, are in transition but we are not fully aware of it. Some want to go back to the days of housing being our economic engine, and it is not and will not be. How do we get the individual, society, and government on the "same page"? We have lost our common bonds, our common methods of communication; however, this is just a transition, not the end! In addition, the Morrison Institute will continue to engage the public in issues of importance to the public!

Topics covered were:

  • An extremely dynamic welcome by Michael Crow, President of ASU
  • Overcoming Adversity and Inclusive Workforce Policy, that focused on Transitions for Young Adults with Disabilities, with the keynoter being Mario Bonds
  • Latino Public Policy Center Initiatives that included a report on the CIR
  • A Post Election Panel: What Can AZ Expect for 2015 and Beyond
  • A conversation about AZ's Water Future."


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Welcome to the website of the League of Women Voters of Arizona. We hope your visit will help you better understand the League and your government. Our focus on the issues and on encouraging true government of the people has earned the League its reputation as a respected and effective participant in the American political process in an era of proliferating and powerful special interests. The League's advocacy of the public interest is increasingly recognized as an essential voice of democracy. Please join us in our mission of being A Voice For Citizens - A Force For Change.