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Welcome to the website of the League of Women Voters of Arizona. We hope your visit will help you better understand the League of Women Voters. We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate This has earned the League of Women Voters its reputation as a respected and effective participant in the American political process in an era of proliferating and powerful special interests. The League's advocacy in the public interest is increasingly recognized as an essential voice of democracy. Please join us in our mission of Making Democracy Work for all.



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Program - West Valley Education Forum 2018


Did You Know

Finding and Keeping Educators for Arizona’s Classrooms


Why Should I Care?

Following the Money: Twenty Years of Charter School Finances in ... Sep 17, 2017 - Following the Money: Twenty Years of Charter School Finances in Arizona. (A Meta-Analysis of Charter School Financials and what they tell us) By Curtis Cardine, Fellow, Grand Canyon Institute. Co-Authored with Dave Wells, Ph.D., Research Director, Grand Canyon Institute. http://grandcanyoninstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/GCI-Policy-Report-Following-the-Money_Sept_17_2017.pdf

In Search of a State Budget that Creates Opportunity for All.  The Arizona Center, Jan. 2018.  https://www.azeconcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/AZ-budget-2018-web.pdf

AZ Tax Collections Not Growing Enough to Re-Invest in Public Education.  Children's Action Alliance, Jan. 2018.  http://azchildren.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Policy-Brief-Tax-Collections-Not-Growing-Fast-Enough-to-Re-Invest-in-Public-Education.pdf

LWVAZ Says... "The Legislature is Convening, the Legislature is Convening!!!!!"

Be Alert and Ready to Act!!!

The Arizona Legislature convenes its’ 2018 session on Monday, January 8 and is preceded by Governor Ducey’s State of the State address. It’s time for ALL LWV members to stay alert and be ready to ACT quickly on League’s priority issues!!!

LWVAZ’s Issues for the 2018 Legislative Session

Transparent campaign donations and spending. Protection of initiative and referendum rights. Equal access to voter registration and voting. Support and protection of Clean Elections. National Popular Vote (NPV); each vote counts equally. Equitable and adequate education funding for all. Equal Rights Amendment; equality of opportunity. Equal access to health insurance and quality care.

“We were disappointed to learn that Arizona is not following critical voting rights laws,” said Robyn Prud’homme-Bauer, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Arizona.

Investigation Reveals Widespread Violations of

Federal Voting Rights Laws in Arizona

Letter to Secretary of State Michele Reagan


on Education

Sign the Strong Schools Pledge


  Welcome to our website. Members of the League of Women Voters of Arizona are women and men living in communities across the state. The members engage in hands-on work to safeguard democracy and improve our communities. The League of Women Voters is people-powered democracy in action. We not only promote the values of democracy, we embody them. The League is the original and preeminent grassroots community network, directed by our members and committed to engaging people in our democracy so that it works for all Americans. Strictly nonpartisan, the League is at the same time  political and works to influence policy through education and advocacy. On February 14, 2017. the League celebrated the 97th birthday of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the League of Women Voters. Since our founding in 1920, promoting the right of every citizen to vote has been a principle of the League. The state and local Leagues sponsor debates and forums to educate voters about where candidates stand on important issues. We register voters, offer them information about issues and promote voter turnout. LWVAZ has championed the Clean Elections Act, the Independent Redistricting Commission, Voter Protection for all, an strong Citizens' Initiative and Referendum process and Support of Public Education and Education Funding. The League of Women Voters does not endorse political parties or candidates, but does take stand on issues. Members lobby state legislators and Members of Congress on priority issues. Please explore the websites for the LWVUS, LWVAZ and local Leagues to find out what is happening in Arizona. Please join us in our efforts to make democracy work.  

Celebrating the Past….Embracing the Future – League of Women Voters of Arizona 

To find out more about the work of the League of Women Voters of Arizona follow us on Facebook @LWVAZ or send us at tweet on Twitter@ LWVAZ or contact us at info@lwvaz.org.

The League of Women Voters of Arizona Board of Directors

Co-President, Robyn Prud'homme-Bauer
Co-President, Alice Stambaugh
1st V.P. Bonnie Saunders 
2nd V.P. Susan Penner
Secretary: Melanie Maguire
Treasurers: Patsy Frannea and Phylis Carnahan
Diane Smith ,Terri Farneti, and Vivian Harte
Local League Presidents/Representatives:
Barbara Litrell, LWVGVV
Freda Johnson, LWVGT
Corey Shaw, LWVCYC
Michele Dorsey, LWVMP
Bonnie Saunders, LWVNWMC