The League of Women Voters of Arizona recognizes the inequities of the local school property tax. Therefore, the League supports these measures:

  • Decrease reliance on the local school district property tax.
  • Utilize statewide taxes for support of public school education.
  • Require development impact fees to be paid to local school districts.
  • Continue use of trust land monies.
  • Maintain a policy of local control on spending decisions.
  • New monies should be additional funds and not supplant present state funding.

The League of Women Voters of Arizona also supports the following aspects of funding for public schools:

  • School districts in Arizona retain ability to bond for building or renovation of schools and for capital expenditures.
  • School districts retain the ability to hold override elections.
  • Bond and override elections are determined by a simple majority vote.
  • Legislature levies taxes for schools by a simple majority vote.]
  • Realistic allowances are made for inflation.
  • Continued centralized collection and distribution of funding to local school districts enabling distribution of these funds to provide: o a certain basic amount of money for each student, o financing over and above the basic amount to ensure equal opportunity for each child, o equal or equivalent maintenance of buildings, o equal or equivalent supplies, o strong leadership and quality teaching.

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